In several areas of this trade the Housewright Company has customized certain products to make us as efficient as possible. These are just some of the innovations that are constantly being developed for our exclusive use at the Housewright Company.



Problem: Building Pemit lost or damaged



Solution: Our exterior permit cases modeled after a historic "" sash with heavy sill and casing with skeleton keys for builder, plumber, and electiriton. No more lost permit!



Problem: Blueprints become unreadable after subjected to weather and crew.



Solution: Collapsible "Plan Stand" with lexan cover; portable outside office/desk.



Problem: Can't get enough staging on top of tool trailer, also too high.

Solution: Custom made staging trailer with angled racks to easily remove "" and ladders from the side. Keeps everything stored neatly and flat, as well as condensed under cover for bad weather. When staging is up, rackings become a storage area for project lumber.



Problem: Keep fast-drying paint and brush moist for raw cuts on clapboard and trim.
Solution: Put paint in resealable shoe-polish container or Bingo dauber; plastic cap keeps it fresh.



Problem: Caulking and glues freeze between uses.

Solution: Convert an old cooler and heating pad into an adhesive warmer.



Problem: Beadboard door accessing attic area - need a way to open beadboard door but would like it to be "discreet"

Solution: Create counter-weighted flip-out finger pull that takes the place of the bead in the door.




Do you have any questions about our innovations? Comments? Please email us, we'd love to hear from you!



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